Become A B11 Licensed Machinery Safety Specialist

Do you want to improve your safety knowledge?

Then look no further than the B11 LMSS course offered by B11 Standards, Inc. and Fortress Safety.

B11 LMSS, Licensed Machinery Safety Specialist, is a five-module remote training course that sets out the key aspects of designing and implementing machinery safety solutions.

By combining the knowledge of B11 Standards, Inc., machinery safety leaders for American National Standards, and the Fortress Safety team, we are proud to offer the only certified safety course based solely on U.S. Standards and Regulations.

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What is B11 LMSS?

Throughout the five modules our team of experts will guide you through the process of developing your expertise in U.S. machinery safety and gaining exposure to a number of important U.S. safety standards.

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Why B11 LMSS™?

A B11 LMSS™ can understand what it takes to conduct machinery safety risk assessments, apply risk reduction measures and implement the design of safety functions.

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Become a B11 LMSS

Becoming a B11 Licensed Machinery Safety Specialist can help you to reduce the likelihood of machinery-related incidents and improve personnel safety in your facility.

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A Certified Collaboration of Safety Experts

Certified by B11 Standards Inc.
Presented by Fortress Safety

Who Are B11 Standards, Inc.?

B11 Standards, Inc. was founded in 2010 and the Standards Development Committee is comprised of 35 organizations representing different stakeholder groups. It is recognized by ANSI as the consensus body that evaluates and votes on the final draft standards (or technical reports) developed by individual autonomous B11 writing subcommittees for approval as American National Standards and Technical Reports.

B11.0: Safety of Machinery, B11.19: Performance Requirements for Risk Reduction Measures (safeguarding), B11.20: Safety Requirements for the Integration of Machinery into a System, and B11.26: General Principles for the Design of Safety Control Systems are revised, updated and published as technology changes, placing the USA at the forefront of Machinery Safety Standards Development.