b11 Lmss™ - the us Machinery safety course

The next full course begins at 10am Eastern Time on January 13th, 2022.
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What does safety mean to you?
Do you need to improve your safety knowledge?

Then look no further than the B11 LMSS™ course offered by the B11 Standards Inc and Fortress safety experts.
The B11 LMSS™, Licensed Machinery Safety Specialist, qualification is a five-module online training course that sets out the key aspects of designing and implementing machinery safety solutions. This course will equip you to protect lives and will serve to demonstrate your professional competence portfolio.

By joining forces with the B11 Standards, Inc., the leaders of machinery safety for American National Standards and the knowledge of our in-house safety team at Fortress, we are able to offer the only certified safety course based solely on US Standards and Regulations.

The B11 LMSS - US Standards for US Manufacturing.

P.S.- Looking for a ‘safe’ way to complete your PDH credits? Complete your PDH requirements while learning to protect your employees and colleagues in the manufacturing environment!

A Certified Collaboration of Safety Experts

Certified by B11 Standards Inc.
Presented by Fortress Safety