Module Dates

All of our modules begin at 11am Eastern Time

Module 1:
May 3rd 2021, June 1st 2021

Module 2: May 4th 2021, June 8th 2021

Module 3: April 12th 2021, April 13th 2021, May 11th 2021, June 15th 2021

Module 4: April 14th 2021, April 19th 2021, May 17th 2021, June 22nd 2021

Module 5: April 27th 2021, April 28th 2021, 12th May 2021, 18th May 2021, June 29th 2021

All module dates are subject to availability and spaces are limited. Sign up quickly to make sure you secure your desired dates!

B11 Standards Inc was founded in 2010 and the Standards Development Committee is comprised of over 30 organizations representing different stakeholder groups. It is recognized by ANSI as the body that evaluates and votes on final draft standards (or technical reports) developed by B11 writing subcommittees for approval as American National Standards and ANSI Technical Reports.

In the last three years B11.0: Safety of Machinery, B11.19: Performance Requirements for Risk Reduction Measures , B11.20: Safety Requirements for the Integration of Machinery into a System, and B11.26 General Principles for the Design of Safety Control Systems have all been revised, updated and published placing the USA at the forefront of Machinery Standards Development.

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