Module Dates

All of our modules run from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Eastern Time

Module 1:
June 30th 2022

Module 2: July 7th 2022

Module 3: May 19th 2022, July 14th

Module 4: May 26th 2022, July 19th

Module 5: May 31st 2022, July 28th

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Module 1 - Risk Assessment

Module One takes B11.0 Safety of Machinery as its subject matter and focuses on the risk assessment process. It also introduces attendees to US legislation, regulations and standards in the field of machinery safety.

Module 1 Content

Introduction to Standards and Regulations
• What is Safety?
• OSHA Regulations
• Lock Out Tag Out
• B11 Machinery Safety Standards
• Other Machinery Safety Standards

B11.0 Safety of Machinery
• Responsibilities
• Life cycle Requirements
• The Risk Assessment Process• Identify Tasks & Hazards
• Assess Risk
• Reduce Risk
• Assess Residual Risk
• Achieve Acceptable Risk
• Validate & Verify
• Document the Process
• General Requirements
• Electrical & Electromagnetic Compatibility
• Emergency Stop
• Control of Hazardous Energy
• Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems

Module 2 - Risk Reduction

Module Two looks at B11.19 and Risk Reduction Measures.

Module 2 Content

B11.19 Performance Requirements for Risk Reduction Measures: Safeguarding and other Means of Reducing Risk
• Overview
• Responsibilities
• Risk Reduction Measures
• Inherently Safe by Design
• Engineering Controls
• Guards
• Control Functions
• Devices
• Administrative Controls

Module 3 - Functional Safety

Module Three delves into B11.26 and the Application of ISO 13849 – Safe Control Systems.

Module 3 Content

B11.26 Functional Safety for Equipment (Electrical / Fluid Power Control Systems) - Application of ISO 13849 - General Principles for Design
• Overview
• Identify Risk Reduction Measures that involve the SRP/CS
• Define the Safety Function
• Performance Level Methodology
• Category Methodology
• Control Reliability Methodology
• General Design Requirements
• Integration of SRP/CS into the Machine Controls
• Pneumatics & Hydraulics
• Fault Consideration
• Diagnostic Coverage
• Design Requirements
• Input Devices
• Logic Devices
• Output Devices
• Validation

Module 4 - Integrating Machines & Robotics

Module Four covers the growth in automation and robotics and brings the Safety Requirements for the Integration of Machinery into a System – B11.20, along with Robot Safety Standards.

Module 4 Content

B11.20 Safety Requirements for the Integration of Machinery into a System
• Overview
• Responsibilities
• Risk Assessment Process
• Design, Construction, Re-Construction & Modification
• Risk Reduction Measures• Set-up, Operation & Maintenance
• Decommissioning Process

ANSI / RIA R15.06.2012 Industrial Robots and Robot Systems - Safety Requirements
• Overview
• Safety Requirements & Protective Measures
• Limiting Robot Motion
• Operational Mode Application
• Pendants
• Safeguarding
• Verification & Validation of Protective Equipment

Module 5 - LOTO & Electrical Safety

Module Five addresses LOTO and Alternative Methods, as per Z244.1 and NFPA 79 – Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery.

Module 5 Content

ANSI / ASSP Z244.1.2016 The Control of Hazardous Energy Lockout, Tagout and Alternative Methods
• Overview
• Responsibilities
• Risk Assessment Process
• Design of Machinery for the Control of Hazardous Energy
• Hazardous Energy Control Program
• Control of Hazardous Energy
• Alternative Methods of Hazardous Energy Control

NFPA 79: Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery
• Overview
• General Requirements
• Disconnecting Means
• Protection from Electrical Hazard
• Control Circuits
• Control Equipment
• Electrical Motors
• Testing & Verification


The examination assesses your understanding of the content after completing all five modules

Exam Information

90 Minute Online Open Book Test
• 50 Multiple Choice Questions
• 10 Questions per Module
• Pass Mark: 80%

If you receive a score of 64% to 80%, you will be granted a free opportunity to retake the examination within 6 months.

If you receive a score below 64%, you will be required to retake the entire course within 18 months at a cost of $1250 in order to retake the examination.

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