What Is B11 LMSS?

B11 LMSS is a training course that covers a plethora of topics, introducing you to U.S. legislation, regulations, and standards in the field of machinery safety and diving into the intricacies of risk reduction. Throughout the five modules our team of experts will guide you through the process of developing your expertise in U.S. machinery safety and gaining exposure to a number of important U.S. safety standards.

Following successful completion of the LMSS examination you will receive a certificate issued by B11 Standards, Inc, the ANSI-accredited Standards Developing (ASD) organization that administers the process through which the ANSI B11 series of American National Standards and Technical Report on machine / machine tool / machinery safety are developed and approved.  

As a B11 Licensed Machinery Safety Specialist, you will have a certificate that recognizes your knowledge of U.S. machinery safety standards and your understanding of the risk assessment process, application of risk reduction measures, and appropriate choices for the design of safety functions.

Become a B11 Licensed Machinery Safety Specialist

The B11 LMSS course consists of 5 individual modules, of 5 hours each, and an online examination. The modules can be taken in order or out of sequence. All modules and the examination must be taken to gain the B11 LMSS certificate. The course material will be provided in electronic format, printed material is available on request, and presented via online meetings.

Attendees are encouraged to interact with each other as well as the trainer. The course is designed to be as interactive and practical as possible. Upon completion of all five modules and successfully passing the online examination the LMSS Certificate will be issued by B11 Standards, Inc.

Become A B11 LMSS

A B11 LMSS will be able to: 

- Demonstrate understanding of the relevant legislation and regulations
- Understand the relevant machinery safety standards
- Understand the risk assessment process 
- Understand risk reduction measures and how to implement them
- Define the required reliability for each SRP/CS
- Leverage examples provided by the machinery safety standards

Other machinery safety courses focus on ISO Machinery Safety Standards, but the B11 Licensed Machinery Safety Specialist course is focused on U.S. B11 and ANSI Standards. 

The B11 LMSS course requires a basic level of technical competence in order to attend. It is recommended, although not essential, that attendees have either two years’ experience in the field of controls engineering, machinery safety, or a formal technical qualification.

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