Why should you become a b11 LMSS™?

The B11 LMSS - U.S. Standards for U.S. manufacturing.

A B11 Licensed Machinery Safety Specialist, LMSS, will help keep your employees safe, saving time and money. A B11 LMSS™ can understand what it takes to conduct machinery safety risk assessments, apply risk reduction measures and implement the design of safety functions.

The B11 LMSS™ course is designed specifically for the USA, focusing on the B11 Machinery Safety Standards, OSHA Lock Out Tag Out regulations, and Robot Safety Standards. Not only will Fortress and B11 Standards, Inc. train your personnel, we will keep your attendees up to date with changes in the US machinery safety standards via a private LinkedIn group following the course.

With the significant change in machinery safety requirements over recent years, this course demonstrates the vital knowledge you need to ensure that you are up to date to make informed decisions concerning the safety of machinery in your facility.  

The course is designed not only for you to achieve an optimum understanding about the American National Standards in machinery safety, but to provide you with a competitive edge in the industry.  

How Will B11 LMSS™ Benefit Me?

For the Professional; Upon successful completion of our course, you will receive a certificate that is in demand across all manufacturing and production sectors, bolstering your development as a safety professional.
Additionally, B11 LMSS™ is the only machinery safety course to focus solely on U.S. standards for U.S. Manufacturing, providing you with the necessary skills and knowledge to keep your colleagues safe in the workplace.
Not only is this the first U.S. safety course of its kind, your certificate will be approved and administered by B11 Standards, Inc., the company who creates several of the national machinery safety standards you will be learning about.

For the Employer;  Having a team of B11 LMSS in your organization will not only improve your reputation as a safety and development focused company, but will also benefit your internal operations.
Developing machinery safety capability in your organization will provide fellow employees with confidence and assurance that their safety is paramount to the company when working with machinery.
A team containing B11 LMSS will have the knowledge to reduce the likelihood of machinery related incidents, protecting personnel and reducing liability related costs.
The B11 LMSS course focuses on reducing inefficiencies through optimizing risk reduction measures to improve on productivity and save on maintenance costs.

Hear It From Our Attendees

We hope you love the B11 LMSS journey just as much as our other attendees did!

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