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B11 LMSS Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions B11 LMSS


Application for Fortress Interlocks Ltd. (Fortress) B11 LMSS (Licensed Machinery Safety Specialist) training is made by completing the LMSS online registration.

These terms and conditions (the Terms and Conditions) shall apply to the provision of the Training.


B11 LMSS training is aimed at professionals involved in machine specification, design, construction, safety, maintenance and/or upgrades (such as Automation, Electrical, Mechanical Engineers, Machine Designers, Maintenance Personnel, Project Engineers, Safety Engineers, and Health and Safety Managers). As such, a basic level of technical competence is expected.

It is also recommended, although not essential, that attendees have either two years’ experience in their respective field or a formal technical qualification.


As the number of participants is limited, applications will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis. Participants will receive written confirmation with confirmed training dates, location, etc. in advance of the training. By signing up for B11 LMSS, participants agree to abide by the B11 LMSS terms and conditions.


The training fee entitles the participant to the following provisions: participation, training documentation, examination fee, and B11 Standards, Inc. (BSI) accredited certificate on successful completion of an examination (only available to those participants attending all 5 modules).  


A participant must attend all five B11 LMSS training modules within one year of the first registered module. Attendance in all five B11 LMSS training modules is required prior to taking the multiple-choice final examination. This examination must be completed within 30 days of completing the fifth module unless a time extension has been agreed upon by both the attendee and B11 LMSS instructors/managers.

Rules of examination must be adhered to by all participants. The examination shall be offered in the language of the country organizing the B11 LMSS training.

Participants are given 90 minutes to complete an open book examination consisting of 50 multiple choice questions. A minimum of 40 correct answers out of 50 must be achieved in order to attain BSI accredited certification (corresponding to a score of 80% or higher).

Results shall be communicated by email to each participant within 6 weeks after the examination.

Participants that are unsuccessful in the examination will be subject to the following terms based on their test score:

a. 64% or Above – The attendee is permitted to retake the exam free of charge. This retake must be completed within 6 months of the original exam score notification.
b. 63% or Below – The attendee must retake the full LMSS course within 18 months of the exam score notification. The full course price shall be discounted to $1250.


Participants who successfully complete the LMSS examination, shall receive a BSI accredited certificate which is valid for a period of 3 years. Once the 3 years have elapsed, participants must return for a one module refresher training and exam in order to retain certification. Successful completion of the refresher training and exam will extend the certificate expiration by 3 years. Refresher training will consist of a review of B11 Standards and any relative legislation changes, along with the introduction of new machinery safety developments and technologies. Candidates must agree to:

a. Inform Fortress of changes of contact information  
b. Inform Fortress of any complaints raised against any participant within the area of application of the certificate  
c. Stay updated on the latest status of policies on machinery safety


Participants may be substituted at any time up to course commencement with no extra charge.

Cancellation is possible up to 1 month prior to the first registered module and course costs are fully refundable until that date.

If an attendee decides mid-course that they no longer wish to complete their LMSS training, they are entitled to compensation for those remaining modules they did not attend, provided they notify Fortress of their desire to cancel their remaining modules. This compensation shall be calculated according to the rate the attendee paid for the course.

If the training module is cancelled, you will receive a communication and every effort will be made to provide a suitable replacement time and date.

Fortress reserves the right to alter or cancel dates and where a new time or date cannot be agreed the full fee of the module will be refunded.


The training fees stated are per participant and include all tuition and documentation. Fees are understood as the price per person plus any applicable taxes.

Fees may be subject to alteration and should be confirmed at the time of booking.

Payment terms are as per the online booking system, PO or agreed with our distribution.  


The B11 LMSS course is intended to be conducted online. In the event that training modules are conducted in person, attendees should observe all safety guidelines issued by Fortress on arrival to the training. For courses on site at customers’ premises, the responsibility for safety lies entirely with the customer. Any damage to materials or personal damage that may occur within customer premises is the liability of the customer.


Fortress reserves the right to cancel training courses, even after participation has been confirmed. If necessary, Fortress also reserves the right to change the date and/or time. This shall not constitute grounds for compensation from Fortress.  

Fortress will to the best of their ability endeavor to provide accurate course content and materials. However, due to the continuously changing nature of the regulations and standards, neither Fortress nor BSI shall incur liability whatsoever in contract, tort, including negligence, breach of statutory rights or otherwise, for any loss or damage suffered as a consequence of or due to information provided during the training.

Fortress accepts no responsibility whatsoever for errors or omissions in technical information that is provided either verbally or in writing during training or is contained in the documentation.

Neither does Fortress nor BSI accept responsibility for any consequential damage or loss.  


It is forbidden to make any audio, video or other form of recording of the training proceedings.

Module documents shall not be duplicated, forwarded, utilized or made available to third parties for unauthorised purposes. Any infringement shall entitle Fortress and/or BSI to seek reparation and/or compensation.

All course materials etc. are under copyright protection by Fortress; all rights are reserved and may not be reproduced in any form or media without the express written permission of Fortress.

Fortress reserves the right to adjust the content of any course to reflect any new developments that may occur.

B11 LMSS is a trademark of Fortress Interlocks Ltd.

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