Here are some our our frequently asked questions:

How long does the B11 LMSS Qualification last for?
It will need re-licencing every 3 years by taking one module that includes relevant standards updates and passing a refresher exam.

What time do the modules begin?
The modules currently all run at 10am Eastern Time

Do I need to complete the modules in order?
No, but you must complete all 5 and take the exam to receive the B11 LMSS

Is there a discount for bulk orders?
Yes, for every 5 seats you buy on a Module or the course you get one of them for free
We are always happy to discuss custom packages for larger orders, please contact us here.

What format is the course material in?
PDF, printouts are available upon request

When will I receive the course material?
A few days before each module

How long are the modules?
Each module is around 5-6 hours long including breaks

Where do the modules take place?
All the modules are online

What is the maximum number of attendees per online module?
25 people

Who will grant the course certificate?
B11 Standards, Inc.

Do I need the B11 standards series to complete this course?
It is not essential for the course but highly recommended when it comes to applying them

Is there a test for every module and how do you take the test?
No - Only one Examination is required and is taken upon completion of all 5 modules, it is online and open book with 50 multiple choice questions to complete in 90 minutes

Who are the experts running the course?
Eve Edwards CMSE & Standards specialist at Fortress.
Malcolm Sharp CMSE and Member of SF41 Committee - Machinery Safety - Standards Australia since 1999; Expert member of ISO TC199 WG3, WG7 and WG8; Member of R15.06 Committee 1995-1999.

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